nail artYou can use this beautiful white flower and glitter design for Spring and Flower Parties. It is also perfect for Sevillians costumes, Birthday parties, Family Meetings, a Date, for Work, and any time. You will succeed wherever you go! 

To make this ideal Spring design I used:

 The base #758, frosted ice Jamaica from Pure Ice.

Nails using a Flower and Glitter Design. This nail polish is very elegant and it highlights the designs added on it.

The flower design is from the board m69 of Konad:

Konad M69

in White:

Nails using a Flower and Glitter Design.

For the `glitter effect´ on the edge of the nails I have mentioned so many times, use Konad silver glitter

Nails using a Flower and Glitter Design.

I also added on the thumbs a little flower sticker made of jewels from NaileneBedazzle nail art, the Super Star Class, with a pink centre and little diamond petals:  

Nails using a Flower and Glitter Design.

They are ready. How great they look!

Nails using a Flower and Glitter Design.

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