Flower Nail Design with a Hippie Touch.You can get a different Nail Design by combining the base with the color of the drawing: red and white. You will rock wherever you go! 

They are ideal for All Kind of Parties, a Family Meeting, or a Night Out with your Friends or Boyfriend, among others.

Everything was on track, but on the Nails of the middle fingers I wanted to combine and apply half red and half white in each Nail. Therefore, it was difficult to make the drawing and I decided it was easier to make the drawing with Black nail polish.  

I wanted to combine everything, so I decided to apply some Black brushstrokes on the other ones. I didn´t like it after all.

I also used pearly white for the background. It was really curious. When I added the Black drawing, they looked like if they had been painted with grey instead of white... I didn´t change it. Finally, I add some silver `sparks´ in the middle of the Flowers and in some petals too. Likewise in the edge of the Nails. It looked really nice with the exception of the black brushstrokes. 

I used:

- Plate m60 from Konad:
Palte m60 from Konad.

- Sephora Cherry Popsicle nail polish:

Sephora Cherry Popsicle Nail Polish.

- White Nail Polish from Carlo di Roma blanco:

- Silver nail polish from Dkora line of  Darosa:

 Silver Nail Polish from Dkora line of  Darosa.

Using another white polish nail and without the black lines, I do think it would have looked great. 

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