Rock and Roll Nails with Music Notes.

Nice Rock and Roll Nails with Music Notes.

This design is based on a musical stave and it can be nice in a Themed Party of Music. I could also be perfect for an Afternoon with your Friends or for going to a Concert. In a date with a musician or someone who loves the music it´ll be a success too. ;)

It´s really easy to do. I´ve used the MAC Cream Shirelle Polish Nail:

 MAC Cream Shirelle Polish Nail.

For the Music Notes I´ve used the m73 de Konad plaque in Black:

M73 de Konad plaque.

You have to be careful with this desing because the notes are thin and sometimes are not easy to stick them all. 

And you have it! Of course use the Sally Hansen Nail Polish to protect the nail. :)

Sally Hansen Nail Polish.

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