Nail Art.

Delicate Pink Passion Nails with Flowers.

This beautiful Nail design with glitter and roses is ideal for a Family Meeting, Any Party, a Birthday Party, the Job, a Date, a Night Out with Friends, at Any time. It looks great! You will rock wherever you go!   

I made them like this:

Pink Base 23 of Thilde.I added first two layers on the whole Nail of  the pink base 23 of Thilde.

Then,  I added a layer of No. 15 of Yssy... If the Nail Polish is not of a good quality, you can apply before as base a high quality nail polish  and after a high quality gloss.

No. 15 of Yssy.
Watch out! In the photo you can´t appreciate  prefectly the colour, However, it is possible to do so in the photos of the nails 

I used the print of the plate m65 of Konad in white for the base of the nails :

Plate M65 of Konad.

To divide the part of the print and the upper side of the nail, I added a silver thick line of the line Dkora of Darosa. The purpose of the thick line is to add a really special touch to the design:

Silver Glitter of Dkora of Darosa.

On a corner in the upper side of The Nail, Iadded in each nail a little rose from the stickers for nails of Konad 

Stickers for Nails of Konad.

Protect everything with two layers of Sally Hansen gloss:

Sally Hansen Gloss.
 This is the final result!

Nail Art.

As it is summer time now, I made them on my toonails too. I adapted a little bit the design: 

Nail Art.

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