Grafiti Style Nails.

This original and nice desing of Grafiti Style Nails looks really cool! It can be used in any party: a Birthday, a Night Out with Friends, a Date, a Family Meeting, or even a Wedding.

Here you have the tutorial:

Nail Polish.

1. Apply the graffi-top polish nail. For now it´s aviable in silver and gold.
2. Let it dry for 5 minutes.
3. Apply the black graffi-top in a quick way (it acts in seconds).
4. If you like the nail like this, it´s done. If you see a lot of spaces without the polish and you want more, add it.
5. Apply thetop coat.

Here you have the video:

You may decide, of course, to make it by parts on the nail. You cannot use the black graffi-top over other nail polishes, because it absorbs them.

Each nail  has an unique and different design! And in just 15 or 20 minutes! :D

Have a look to my pics. They look great!

Grafiti Style Nails.

Grafiti Style Nails.

Grafiti Style Nails.

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