Joy Nail Design.

A Funny and Happy Design of Joy, one of the Characters of Inside Out Film. 

Here you have the instructions:


Use as base Yellow nail polish. 

First, make round shaped eyes in one Nail with white nail polish and  a fine paint brush. Go along the edge of the white part of the eyes and make the eyebrows with Blue Nail Polish. They should show a joy gesture. Keep in mind she is Joy and she is always happy! To finish this Nail, draw two dots on top of the eyes with Blue nail polish. Make the pupil with black nail polish.  

Make daisies on the other nails. As base keep using a Yellow nail polish.  

Use blue nail polish with a small paint brush to make the shape of the Daisies. In the middle of the Flower make a dot with White Nail Polish, and go along the edge of it with Blue Nail Polish.  

As always, to protect the nails use Sally Hansen gloss:

Sally Hansen Gloss.

From mkk

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