Elegant Nails Using Glitter.
From ppf 

Beautiful and Elegant Design on a Black Base, and only One Nail Painted with Silver Glitter.  

It is ideal for a Special Night, a Date, an Anniversary, a Birthday Party. You will be amazing! 

Here you have the instructions:

It was used Black nail polish from Frankie as base. 

On a Makeup Sponge apply a bit of black nail polish and a bit of Silver glitter nail polish. It is better to use a sponge, since it absorbs the nail polish and only the glitter is left :)  

Silver Giltter Nail Polish.

Press the sponge on the Nails. The first layer is still too strong, but it gets softer in the next one. Apply a bit more of Nail Polish on the sponge and make thin layers until you get the desired result. 

Glitter Effect.

Use nail polish remover  to remove what is left. As always,  use Sally Hansen gloss to protect the nails:

These Nails are a good match with a beautiful Makeup, like the one in the picture below. You´ll be great!  
Elegant Makeup.

From ppf

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