Starry Sky Nails.

In this Wonderful Starry Sky Design each Nail is Painted with a Different Design. 

You can use it for a Birthday, a Family Meeting, a Date, or at any time you want. It is ideal for a Sweet Sixteen Party too... They will love it!

Just follow the instructions:

I used blue nail polish 214 of D´orleac:

Blue Nail Polish.

This time I made a combination of Stickers and drawings from Konad 

On the Nails of  index, ring, and little fingers I used stickers from a print of Fenghangmei. I bought it in a Chinese store:

I placed them like this:

On the little fingers:

Nail Art.

On the index and ring fingers:

Nail Art.
For the the middle fingers and the thumbs I chose a couple of designs of the print m3 from Konad: 

Print M3 from Konad.

In this way:

On the middle fingers:

Nail Art.

Add a silver star from the bottle of glitter 181 of Yssy Cosmetics:

Glitter 181.

For the thumbs:

Nail Art.

For the Nail tips I used the silver nail polish 468 "Fashion Silver" of Crisnail:

Silver Nail Polish.
and the starry design from the print  m44 of Konad, in black:

Nail Art.

and again to cover imperfections, between the base and the tip (at the end), I made a line with silver glitter of DKora of Darosa:

Silver Glitter.

To protect the nails, I used the gloss of Sally Hansen:

Gloss Nail Polish.

Important: It is quite possible that the stars of glitter 181 of Yssy Cosmetics do not stick easily on the tips. Therefore, you should check them out from time to time in case they unstick. If that happens, add gloss again. 

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