Nails Decorated with White Roses and Spirals.

Beautiful Nail Design using White Roses and Spirals.  

You can use this beautiful Design  in Special  Ocassions like in a First Communion, a Wedding, a Baptism, or a Sweet Sixteen Party. You can use it also in your Flower, SpringBirthday Parties, and at any time.  They will love your nails!

Nail Art.

Nail Detail.

To make them I used:

Base coat of Crisnail French Pink.
Base of Crisnail French Pink . The idea is to make a French Manicure. Therefore, apply this base until the part of the nail, where you are going to use the base for the french manicure.

For the upper side of the Nail, use the Design of the image plate  m56 of Konad:   

Konad M56

On the tip of the Nails draw a thin silver glitter line  with Konad Nail-Art Pen. This is what I call a `glitter effect´. I usually make it when I draw a Design on the tip of the nails. When the Nails grow, and they peel a bit on the tips due to the daily activities, it is not possible to retouch them with coloured nail polish. Therefore, the `glitter effect´solves the problem, since you can retouch it easily and it is very elegant. 

 Konad Nail-Art Pen.

The roses of the middle fingers and the thumbs are Stickers. I was sure they were from Konad, but I haven´t found them in  the catalogue. I usually look at the pages where the products to decorate nails are shown. Sorry! ssorry.

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