Nail Design using Disgust´s Grody Greens.

A funny design of Disgust: One of the Characters of Inside Out Film. They are Ideal for an Inside Out Themed Party.

Here you have the instructions:


Use as base Light Green nail polish. 

First, make the eyes with white nail polish and  a fine paint brush. Go along the edge of the white part of the eyes and make the eyebrows with Black Nail Polish. They should show a disgusting gesture. Keep in mind she is Disgust! To finish this Nail, draw two dots on top of the eyes with Dark Green-Coloured nail polish. Make the pupil with black nail polish.  

Make flowers on the other nails. As base keep using a Darker Green nail polish.  

Use dark green nail polish with a small paint brush to make the shape of the Flowers. Inthe middle of the Flower make a dot with White Nail Polish.  

As always, to protect the nails use Sally Hansen gloss:

Sally Hansen Gloss.

From mkk

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