Red, White Polka Dots and Roses.

This desing of Red, White Polka Dots and Roses looks really nice! You can use it for a Spanish, Flower or Spring Parties. You can even use it in your job or for an afternoon with your friends...well this can be for all ocassions.

The white polka dots are done with the m54 plaque of Konad:

Konad M45

The roses were stickers from Fenghangmei:


Rose Stickers.

The nail polish is the  MAC Cream Shirelle:

Nail Polish.

Here you have how it´s done:


Eventhough it was a hit, I have to say that I was not very happy with the stickers because it was really hard to remove them and it was easy that they make air bubbles in the nail. It also happened that it was hard for me that the edges of the sticker were not very notable. It´s a pitty because I really like the desing.

Red, White Polka Dots and Roses.

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